Tracie Root Apr 22

Thinking inside the box...

OK This may not be what we've always been told, but bear with me for a minute.


As an entrepreneur, as a parent and as a person in general, I am always trying to think OUTSIDE the box - outside the constraints of my mind, of what is easily possible. Outside of the effortless, because anyone can do effortless. I am unique and driven and talented and can do hard things, right? (So are you BTW, but more on that another time.)


So, this time, outside the box is INSIDE a box, or what I perceived as a box. An idea that's smaller than the original plan. Think small? I've always been a BIG thinker, dream big, act big, plan big. At almost 6' tall I've always been larger than most (queue Wonder Woman Theme!) so I was no shrinking violet. So how do I shift this to think a little smaller?


Today I will be announcing my Create your Vision Workshop.


This is something I really feel driven and called to do. Something I can bring to others and really provide something that will be valuable and useful to them, and FUN, too! But I struggled. I always seem to struggle about finding a place to gather our community. I have all these parameters put around what I imagine. Airy, open space. Large room, lots of light. And in my mind, the sun is streaming in through the windows and we are feeling the warmth on our skin, the sun on our faces, and we are inspired about what's possible.


The only problem is, this space doesn't exist. Not in the timeframe I want, near where I live, at the price I desire. I wonder if I'm getting the image in my mind from some movie or photo on social media? (We all know that these photos and scenes are edited for effect, right? More on that on a future date, too.)


So, last night I was walking through the grocery store, looking for the things on my list. All of a sudden, a space that I had written off as too small, too dark, too wrong, came to mind and I saw how it would work great! It is actually a great size! The space is modern and clean and private, has parking and services nearby, and can fit in my budget, too! SO, at 10:00 last night I emailed the owner, asked about availability, and he responded! BOOKED!


If you're within driving distance of Capitola, CA (what a beautiful town!) and want to really Create your Vision for 2018 - put Saturday, December 30th, 2917 on your calendar. You won't want to miss it!

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Tracie Root said good-bye to corporate America and found her new calling after a personal family tragedy. She shifted to  helping others at a deeper level while making more time for her own fulfillment, adventure, and joy. 


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