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A note from Tracie about Building your Dream Board

When it comes to transforming your life one healthy habit at a time, you can bring your dreams to life by creating a dream board of your overall goals in 2018! It's fun to make your own unique dream board to help you achieve your goals while also defining your vision for the future. Try following these steps to create your board, and please share it with me when you're done!


• Define your goals. What are your overall objectives in 2018?


• Find pictures and quotes to enhance your drive. Use magazines to find pictures and powerful quotes that speak to your overall goals in 2018. There are tons of magazines with materials you can tailor to Dr. A's micro-habits, like the power of motion or healthy hydration.


• Make your board a collage. Get creative! Consider pasting images on colorful backgrounds to add a bit of color or make a fun pattern.


• Add words of encouragement. Reinforce your goals and overall vision by adding buzz words and words of inspiration that stand out and to strengthen your daily passion.


• Share your dream board. When your dream board is finished, let's talk about your visions, dreams, and goals, taking another step toward making them come true in the near future.


I can't wait to see what you create!


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A note from Tracie about Daily Reflection




Tracie Root said good-bye to corporate America and found her new calling after a personal family tragedy. She shifted to  helping others at a deeper level while making more time for her own fulfillment, adventure, and joy. 


Now Tracie coaches women around the country to help them move from Stuck to Shining Bright, so they can Be Bolder and Brighter, live in their authentic truth, and THRIVE. 


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